• Poll or quiz your audience

    Responses to multiple choice question are shown in real-time on-screen. Take the pulse of the room, get feedback on sessions, test attendee knowledge, learn audience interests or break the ice with a fun trivia game. Create excitement and give away prizes with Lively’s “winner” feature.

  • Collect questions from attendees

    Attendees simply text their questions, which can be viewed privately (for organizers or speakers) or publicly for everyone to see.  Moderation tools give you full control over what is shown on the screen. See all questions later in your private dashboard.

  • Share content and generate leads

    Participants receive a one-time text message with links to view or sign-up for your content. 95% of  texts sent are read immediately. Optionally, Lively will create sign-up forms for you, email your content to attendees and provide their contact info.

  • Get reporting with real-time insights

    Get instant feedback and immediately see audience questions or responses. Lively’s reporting also shows attendee engagement levels (which average 80%).  Sponsors love it. See “who said what.Responses can be tied to registration data to see the interests or challenges of people who work at specific companies.

  • Create sponsorship opportunities

    With Lively, sponsors make a bigger impact.  This includes interactivity with high-impact branding, prize giveaways, sharing content and GENERATING leads. Reporting provides metrics on audience engagement to show ROI.

  • Make brainstorming interactive

    Want to quickly gather the collective thoughts of a large group?  Lively handles it instantly.