What is Lively?

It’s an easy-to-use web based tool that helps people make a bigger impact at live events and meetings.  It transforms any screen or display from a one way communication device to an interactive group experience that enables people to have fun together and share with each other— and provides valuable data and insights that go way beyond the audience’s responses.

It creates branded experiences that engage people by posing questions on screens and visually showing their thoughts and ideas with video, animation, other imagery and music.

How does it work?

Lively makes it easy to make a bigger impact at your events. Here’s how it works:

  1. Create the questions you’d like to ask your audience – and choose the look and feel of the experience that will appear on the screen in the room (using our ready-to-go design templates or adding your own media for the background).
  2. Your audience answers by texting their responses on their phones….responses are shown on screen in engaging ways
  3. Drive your audience to act with text messages sent to participants, which can include links to your website, product page or video.
  4. Gain insights.  Discover WHO attendees are (with names, social media profiles and more), HOW they feel (with specific responses and enthusiasm indicators) and WHAT shapes their perceptions (with word-for-word responses)

Here’s a quick “How-to” video.

Can the experience be customized?

Yes. It is totally customizable and fast to set up.  The only limit is your imagination.  Watch this quick “How to” video.

You can easily add questions that will appear on the screen and create how the experience will look, feel and sound for your audience.  Chose from our cool, ready-to-go animation OR add your own videos and images over which the audience’s comments will appear…with music if you like.

With our self service platform you can add your own content to create a fun multimedia experience. One optional feature is our proprietary image generator, which displays images related to the audience’s comments on the screen.  Add your logo so the experience can feature your brand (or your customer’s brand).

Don’t have time to set it up?  No problem.  We’ll handle it all for you and customize the experience, for an extra fee.

How can I generate leads?

When attendees answer questions by texting in their response, they’ll receive a text message that can include ANY call to action you want.  You can include a link to a landing page, sign-up form, video, product page…and for an extra fee we’ll create this page for you, nurture leads with follow-up emails and integrate the data into your CRM system.

95% of text messages are opened immediately, which means that you’ll be driving audiences to action very quickly.

What equipment is required to run a session?

None.  It runs on any web browser (except for our new Dynamic Images feature where Firefox or Chrome is needed). Simply click on a link that will be provided after you register and you’ll be wowing your audience right away.   As long as you have a laptop or desktop computer connected to a large screen you’ll be good to go.  There is nothing to install and no apps for your attendees to download.  Attendees participate by simply sending texts on their phones.

Can comments be moderated and blocked?

Yes.   Platinum plans include full moderation, so ONLY the comments you approve appear on the screen.  With our Dynamic Images feature, where Lively generates images on the fly, you can review and approve images too.  All plans include strict profanity filters that automatically block millions of inappropriate words.  Also, our Pro and Platinum plans let you specify additional “block words” to screen out (including, for example, the name of specific companies or people).

Is there a free trial?

Absolutely. Click here to start it now.  Free trials include full access to Lively’s Pro plan for up to 10 participants and a total of 100 messages, so you can try it out.