Instant interactivity and notifications for events & meetings

Without adding an app, use Lively to:

Make your Q&A interactive * Quiz your audience * Poll attendees * Send important updates
Create sponsorship opportunities * Discover interests & challenges * Generate leads

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Get MORE out of your events and meetings…in seconds.

More Engagement

Text messages to attendees – Presentations on mobile devices – Interactive brainstorming – Quizzes & Trivia – Contests – Polling – Visual Q&A – 

More Insights

Discover interests of specific people – Collect social media profiles – Tie responses to registration data 

More ROI

 Create more valuable sponsorships – Generate leads – Create a branded “wow factor” – Learn more about your prospects – Stay in touch

What Can You Do With Lively?

Notify attendees with text messages
View questions from the audience
Test knowledge, or make a trivia game
Poll your audience
Share presentations or other content
Create sponsorship opportunities
Generate leads and gain intel

Making events and meetings more lively
for leading organizations.


What is your goal?

Engaging attendees

      Engaging and marketing to attendees

“Lively was AWESOME.  The interactivity drew some big attention and it was really simple to use.  It’s a huge hit for any audience.”

- Benny Garcia, Director of Operations, SIGGRAPH (a 5000+ person conference)

“It takes a lot to impress our attendees, and with Lively they were quickly engaged. It’s an IDEAL TOOL THAT ADDED A GREAT DEAL OF VALUE to the event…”

- Joe Schramm, CEO, Schramm Marketing Group

“Lively delivered an INTERACTIVE SPONSORSHIP EXPERIENCE THAT RESONATED with both attendees and sponsors. It made a BIG IMPACT, and was really easy to use.”

- Charlie Weiss, Publisher, New Bay Media

“I LOVED using Lively as it not only allowed us to break the ice before our customer meeting started, but it allowed us to pose questions to the group…your service is GREAT.”

- Jason Kundsen, Client Lead, Nvidia (a $5 billion computer graphics company)

“It was a FUN and INVENTIVE way to engage an audience and reinforce our brand.”

-Vincent Onorati, VP of Marketing, InDemand

Frequently asked questions

How does this work?

Lively makes it easy to make a bigger impact at your events and meetings.  Here’s how it works:

  1. Set up a poll, trivia game/quiz or interactive commenting in seconds with our online wizard.  Easy design templates are built-in.  Or add your own background imagery.
  2. Your audience answers by texting their responses.  Lively brings their responses to life in visually engaging ways.
  3. If you choose, drive your audiences to act via text messages sent to participants, which can include links to your website, product page or video.
  4. Gain valuable data and insights that go way beyond seeing audience responses.

See Lively’s solutions

Can the experience be customized?

Yes. It is totally customizable.  You can easily add questions that will appear on the screen for your audience and customize how the experience will look, feel and sound.

Choose ANY background you want – by simply uploading your own videos, pictures, logo or music track.   Or use one of our ready to go design templates, including our popular 3D animation effect.  Lively also has a Dynamic Images option that generates and shows images relating to your audiences comments…lots of fun, spontaneous eye candy.

Don’t want to set it up yourself?  No problem.  We’ll set it up and customize the experience for you, for an extra fee.

How can I drive participants to explore my product or content (or generate leads) during an event?

When attendees answer your questions by texting, they’ll receive a text message response that can include ANY call to action you want.  90% of text messages are opened immediately, which means that you’ll be driving audiences to action very quickly. You can include a link to a landing page, sign-up form, video, product page…and for an extra fee we’ll create this page for you, nurture leads with follow-up emails and integrate the data into your CRM system.

What equipment is required to run a session?

Nothing special.  It runs on any web browser. As long as you have a laptop or desktop computer connected to a large screen you’ll be good to go.  There is nothing to install and no apps for your attendees to download.  Attendees participate by simply sending text messages on their phones.

How do attendees answer questions and participate?

People simply send text messages on their phones to participate. There are no apps to download or clunky clickers to use. People simply text a unique code that appears on the screen and then respond to questions by sending text messages.

Can comments be moderated and blocked?

Yes.   Platinum plans include full moderation, so ONLY the comments you approve appear on the screen.  With our Dynamic Images feature, where Lively generates images on the fly, you can review and approve images too.  All plans include strict profanity filters that automatically block millions of dirty words.  Also, our Pro and Platinum plans let you specify additional “block words” to screen out (including, for example, the name of specific companies or people).

Is there a free trial?

Absolutely. Click here to get that started.