At GES, I lead our strategy practice helping companies create more effective brand activations -I also speak frequently as an industry thought leader.  In my work, I have used many tools to engage audiences. Lively stands out as an easy and intuitive solution that gets more people involved with a real “wow factor.”  The simplicity of text messaging is critical, because it’s faster and more seamless than asking attendees to visit a URL (and then waiting for them to do so). We also don’t want to risk any wifi bandwidth issues, which can be a problem with tools that require people to engage with a URL. Plus the sponsorship opportunity is a big plus over other audience response systems. Overall, unlike low end polling tools, Lively is a premium product and much more experiential. I’ve used it at marquee events with very discriminating attendees and had great results.

David SaefExecutive Vice President, Strategy and Marketing, GES (a multi-billion $ event company)

As an event professional, I’ve evaluated and implemented dozens of event tech solutions. We handle over 1000 events a year, and my role is to build digital capabilities for clients. I’m a huge fan of Lively because it’s easier to use than other audience response and polling tools. It also has features that really matter like engaging animation, gamification and the ability to pick winners. Texting is the most common behavior on mobile devices, so attendees intuitively know how to participate with Lively right away. With other tools, there is higher risk of internet outages or bad connections when attendees all have to visit a web page, and if connection problems happen the plans are blown.

Cory SmithDirector of Digital Solutions, Shepard Exposition Services

“Lively is awesome. The interactivity drew some page attention and it was really simple to use.  It’s a huge hit for any audience.”

Benny GarciaDirector of Operations, SIGGRAPH (a 5000+ person conference)

“I loved using Lively as it not only allowed us to break to the ice before our customer meeting started, but it allowed us to pose questions to the group.  Your service is great.

Jason KnudsonClient Lead, Nvidia (a $5 billion computer graphics company)

“I use Lively during our PYM Live events to engage my audiences in new and unique ways. It’s a best in class tool for audience participation.  Lively does not require attendees to download anything onto their devices.”

Jessie States, CMMManager of Professional Development, MPI

“I’ve tried other tools but Lively blew away the competition with double the participation. My attendees were far more comfortable sending a simple SMS.  That definitely sold me on Lively.  With other tools, attendees must enter a URL and navigate a website on a mobile phone, which diminishes participation.”

David SparkSpark Media Solutions

“It takes a lot to impress our attendees, and with Lively they were quickly engaged. It’s an ideal tool that added a great deal of value to the event.”

Joe SchrammCEO, Schramm Marketing Group

“It was a fun and inventive way to engage an audience and reinforce our brand.”

Vincent OnoratiVP of Marketing, InDemand