Most communication is one way…whether we’re trying to teach people something, market to them or keep them entertained.  Lively changes the paradigm.

It’s a web based tool that gets people sharing, learning and having fun together at live events.  You get more people involved and gain valuable insights about attendees.  Lively lets you pose questions to the audience that appear on any screen at the event. To participate, people simply text their answers to the screen.  There are no apps or no sign-ups needed. Lively turns responses into an interactive group experience, with animation, video and more.  It even turns comments into imagery on the fly.  

Behind the scenes, Lively provides reporting that shows:

  1. Who attendees are (with contact info)
  2. Who said what (by associating names with answers)
  3. How strongly they feel (positively or negatively with sentiment analysis)

Lively has been used by thousands of people at events at Microsoft, Nvidia, Webster Hall, UCLA, Columbia University, SIGGRAPH (a 5000+ person conference) and more. See what the fuss is all about. Sign up to try Lively for FREE.

How it began.

Lively is a venture of Boundless Markets a data-driven marketing and business development firm. We’re veterans of companies that run some of the biggest events in the business world.  Our clients manage hundreds of events, so we looked closely ways to make them more engaging and profitable that:

  • Is widely used by attendees — unlike many mobile apps
  • Is fun, unique and memorable — unlike traditional polling tools
  • Creates unique branding and sponsorship opportunities
  • Is easy for audiences to use and don’t require any social network – because everyone sends text messages
  • Is easy for customers to set up

You’re invited to:

  • Explore our solutions
  • Sign up for a free trial.  No need to wait until a big event to get going…you can use it for internal meetings, brainstorming sessions and more.
  • Contact us for more info