Quizzes, Polls & Trivia – with Branding


– Multiple choice –  true/false – Option for Correct Answers –  High Impact Branding  – Automatically Picks Winners – Unlimited questions – 30-second setup –

Show Audience Questions

– Show audience questions privately for speakers/staff only (or publicly) – Real-time audience questions – Selectively show specific questions – View questions as a list – 10-second setup –

Dynamic Commenting

– Free form responses, animated over background video – Point and click design templates – Word Clouds with visual summaries – Filters and optional moderation tools to control what is shown – 30 second setup –

  • Get audience feedback in a visually engaging way

    Lively makes it easy to get attendees ACTIVELY involved in your meetings and presentations, in fun engaging ways.   Attendees simply text their responses to the screen using their cell phones.  Lively creates shared experiences for learning, engagement and ideation.

  • Captivate attendees with imagery, video and more - in seconds

    Lively is the only audience response system so engaging that it has been used by major entertainment and music venues. Each Lively experience can be tailored in seconds to visually reinforce your topic or brand, with video backgrounds, color, animation, logos and even music.  Choose our ready-to-go design templates or customize the experience by adding your own imagery.  Extensive research shows that speakers make a bigger impact when multiple media are used and many senses are engaged.

  • Make sure ideas don’t get lost

    Lively can be your “holding pen” to capture ideas, opinions or perceptions.  With Lively’s moderation tool, you can control what’s shown if you choose.

  • Get Reporting with WHO said WHAT

    Responses are viewable in reporting and can be exported.  Lively gives you the option of seeing the names of attendees with their comments.  You can see which people participated, along with their comments, ideas or questions of each person. This is entirely optional. On the screen, audience feedback always remains anonymous (although speakers can always ask who mentioned X, Y or Z).

  • Understand HOW ATTENDEES FEEL - with sentiment analysis

    Lively not only reports on what people say, but how they feel.  Our powerful sentiment analysis grades each comment as positive, negative or neutral and associates that with specific people.  So you can know how specific customers, employees or partners feel about specific topics, issues or brands.