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The Science of Audience Engagement

You know that engaging audiences is everything.  The decisions you make to engage people are subjective but informed, honed over years of experience.  You might even call it an art form.  But what’s less obvious – and critical – is the science of engagement. Scientifically speaking, what makes people pay attention?  What happens in the […]

How Get More Business from Your Speaking Engagements

If you have a speaking engagement coming up, congrats. Now is the time to start thinking about making the most of it.  It’s one thing to give a great presentation.  It’s something else entirely to turn it into marketing and sales opportunities.  Whether you’re on a panel or giving a solo talk, here are some […]

Use In-Person Events to Create Valuable Content

There are two interesting findings from the Content Marketing Institutes annual study: The #1 top challenge of B2B marketers is producing enough high quality content The #1 top marketing tactic of B2B marketers is in-person events This begs the question:  If events are so widely used and there is not enough content, why don’t more marketers […]

The Business Building Power of Good Questions

One of my favorite all time quotes is that “Ideas have consequences.”  The same can be said of questions.  Asking the right question can change the course of careers, relationships, and companies.  Imagine if Henry Ford had asked, “How can we build a better horse drawn carriage?” Companies spend millions on asking the right question.  E.g. sales […]

Unseen Potential: Engaging Multiple Senses at Events

Sure, appealing to people’s senses sounds like a no-brainer method for improving a trade show or speaker series. But have you pondered how much neurological research tells us about ourselves when it comes to being engaged at one? According to the Sense of Smell Institute, people retain about half of the visual images they see […]