• Engage prospects and create more conversations

    Engage your visitors with polls, trivia games and contests…setting the stage for a dialogue about your company. Participating with Lively is easy and fun, since everyone sends text messages.  No apps, touch-screens or sign-ups are needed.  Lively works simply, on a laptop connected to the web, connected to any screen.  It also seamlessly integrates with all digital signage.

  • Generate more leads

    Participants immediately receive a text message with a link to your content, sign-up form or contest.  Lively automatically chooses winners.  There is never any spam.

  • Add value to sponsorships

    Lively puts brands front and center with interactivity that actively involves attendees— with full reporting on audience engagement so you can show ROI.  Lively is web-based so it can be shown on ANY screen, from a 20-foot jumbotron to a 40 inch smart TV (and everything in between).  

  • Gain intelligence about attendees

    Want to know the interests, concerns, and challenges of VIPs and other SPECIFIC PEOPLE?  Lively provides reporting with responses for specific people.  Sentiment analysis also shows how they feel about topics and questions.

  • Differentiate your brand

    Lively experiences can be fully customized.  Want to show audience responses flying through space or a beach?  Lively can do it.  Or turn responses into imagery on the fly?  No problem.

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