Generate more business from speaking engagements.

Turn attendees into leads. No technology required.

During your talk, attendees send text messages with their questions (or responses to a question you’ve posed).  When people participate, they can sign-up to receive your presentation or other content. You’ll get lead lists and more.  Participation rates average 75%.

Simply show a slide

Lively will collect the data behind the scenes. Login from any device to see responses.


Use Lively’s interactivity 

Create Polls, Quizzes and Live Q&A (in 30 seconds).

Simply show a slide

Or use Lively’s polling (or Q&A)

  • Collect emails and contact info of attendees

    Participants receive a one-time text message with a link to sign-up to get your presentation or other content. 95% of attendees read the text message. We’ll provide you with the contact info of interested people. Mobile numbers are never shared.  (We’ll even create the sign-up page with your branding).

  • Gain insights about attendees

    You’ll get real-time data on attendee interests, attitudes or key takeaways. (Based on whatever you ask them).  Our one-click reporting also provides audience engagement levels and the number of participants.

  • Activate your audience

    Interactivity keeps people more tuned into your talk. They can also win prizes (at your discretion).  Lively’s unique “winner” option picks winners randomly so everyone who participates has a chance to win, or you can pick whoever responded first or answered a question correctly.  Simply login to Lively from any device, and announce the last four digits of the winning cell numbers. (No full phone numbers are ever shared).

  • Automatically send your presentation or other content

    Your materials will be emailed to the most interested people, saving you time. (Contact them later at your convenience).