Lively provides interactivity and notifications for events and meetings that require no apps.  It’s based on text messaging– the most widely used communication method on mobile devices.

The average person can only sustain their attention for 20 minutes.  When people tune out speakers, marketers and educators lose out.

Lively is a tool that gets more people ACTIVELY involved and engaged at live events and large meetings.  

It creates interactive experiences that get people sharing, learning and having fun together….and collects valuable data in the process (with no apps).

Lively turns audience responses – and their questions- into engaging experiences in real-time with imagery, video and animation, with high-impact branding opportunities.

It’s easy. 

To participate, people simply text their responses to the screen.  There are no apps, clunky URLs or sign-ups. Lively brings responses to life with branded polls, trivia games, quizzes and interactive Q&A with multimedia.  It even turns comments into imagery on the fly, includes contests for participation and sends text messages back to attendees automatically.  It is totally customizable.

Behind the scenes, Lively reporting shows:

  1. Who attendees are
  2. What they said  (by associating names with answers)
  3. How enthusiastic they are (with sentiment analysis)
  4. How to keep in touch (with social media profiles)

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“Lively is a best in class tool for audience participation.”

Jessie StatesDirector of Education, MPI

“I’ve tried other tools but Lively blew away the competition with double the participation.”

David SparkCEO, Spark Media Solutions

“It takes a lot to impress our attendees, and with Lively they were quickly engaged.”

Joe SchramCEO, Schramm Marketing Group



How it began.

Lively is a venture of Boundless Markets, a data-driven marketing and business development firm. We’re veterans of companies that run some of the biggest events in the business world.  Our clients manage hundreds of events, so we looked closely at ways to make them more engaging and profitable and built a solution that:

  • Gets widely used by attendees — unlike many mobile apps
  • Is fun, unique and memorable — unlike polling tools
  • Puts brands front and center with branded multimedia experiences – unlike social media walls
  • Requires no hardware – unlike expensive, outdated “clickers”
  • Is easy for audiences to use and does not require any social network – because everyone sends text messages
  • Is easy for customers to set up

You’re invited to:

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