How do you communicate to all attendees with scale and ease? 

Event apps are an option, but not everyone downloads them.  Lively’s text notifications “get the word out” to all attendees via text messages and email instantly. These can be scheduled messages set up for in advance OR impromptu messages you send from any cell phone to share important changes in plans  We make it easy for you with a fully managed service and self service tools. 95% of texts are opened immediately (5X more than email) which ensures everyone is notified.  And these uncertain times require the ability to instantly notify all attendees in case of emergency, if needed.

“Welcome to Phoenix. Please pick up your registration materials in the lobby at 9:30am.” 

“Dinner starts in 10 minutes.  Please meet your group in front of the hotel.”  

  • Fully managed communication services

    Lively sets up and manages text message communications to attendees, from arrival to departure and everything in between. We’ll add people to specific lists, remove the cancellations and send you confirmations. You determine the messages and when they should be sent.  We’ll schedule and deploy them.  Tests are done in advance, so you can see a sample communication flow before the event.

  • Tailor messages for specific groups

    Each group can receive unique messages at a pre-determined times. E.g. One group can see “The keynote speech starts in 10 minutes” while another can see “Please leave in 5 minutes so you can arrive at Chez Frances at 11:30am.”  New ad hoc messages can be added during the event, if needed.

  • Your personal broadcast system - for changes in plans

    With a few clicks on your cell phone, use Lively to instantly send your own text messages AND emails to your attendee list, without inputting any phone numbers or emails yourself.

  • Emergency Notifications and Important Updates

    Unforseen situations – and emergencies – can and do happen at events.  Lively gives you a contingency plan.  In addition to scheduled messages, you’ll have a self-service tool to text important updates to attendees if necessary.  Now you can be prepared for any contingency. Our system monitors global routes to ensure messages always take the the best path with cell carriers.  All you need to do is collect emails and mobile numbers during the registration process.