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Lively was built for ease.  Before your event, use Lively's online wizard to create an engaging branded poll, trivia game or Q&A experience for attendees (with contests for participation).  Lively will create a URL you can project from a laptop to any screen at your event. Attendees participate by simply texting their responses to the screen.  Then they receive a customizable text message with a link to your content or website.  Reporting reveals attendee names, interests and answers to your questions, sentiment indicators and social media profiles so you generate more business. 

Branded live audience polls

Lively polls tabulate and show votes from attendees in real-time.  Design templates make it easy to add more visual intrigue.

Trivia games 

Test your audience's knowledge, show the correct answer, award prizes for participation and brand the experience.

Comments turned into imagery

Lively turns audience responses into imagery on the fly.  Our software generates the images, which you can preview in advance with built-in moderation tools.

 It takes a lot to impress our attendees, and with Lively they were QUICKLY ENGAGED.  It's an ideal tool that added a great deal of value to our event.

"I loved using Lively as it helped us to break the ice at our customer meeting, and gain really valuable feedback from the group.  Your service is GREAT."

Joe Schramm

CEO, Schramm Marketing Group

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More engagement. More intel. More ROI.
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More engagement. More intel. More ROI.